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Öntészeti alkalmazás – Casted Alumínium Prototypes

When a Customer needs a prototype of an alumínium part which will be produced by High Pressure Die Casting in big series we print a high precision pattern with professional 3D Printers and we use this printed pattern for gravity sand casting. The result is 95% is the same like the desired part were Die-Casted in a complex very expensive steel-tool.


We have several sample of this activities. The following pictures show such alumínium casted prototypes which we made for:

  • ZF GearBox Company – Fridrischafen
  • Knorr-Bremse Germany and Hungary
  • AUDI Motor GmbH in Hungary
  • HALLA Visteon Tier1 Supplier for FORD Germany and USA
  • Tier1 Die Casting supplier of Volkswagen in Hungary – called FÉMALK
  • Die Casting Automotive Supplier in HUNGARY – called CSABAMETAL



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